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Quote Number QUO-32675733
Quote Date 2021-08-02
Total HKD$335,000.00
Joinmax Display & Productions Ltd.

Unit P 6/F Kaiser Estate Phase 3 11 Hok Yuen Street Hunghom KL

Event Management and Check-in System

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 System Backend

- support multiple organization
- add/edit and delete organization
- add/edit and delete users
- multiple user login per organization
- RSVP attendance report per organization
- export RSVP attendance report
- export/import guest seat per RSVP
- add/edit and delete guest seat per RSVP
- export/import guest per RSVP
- add/edit and delete guest per RSVP
- show RSVP link when form created
- integrate short link api
- support guest limit
- support VIP only/public RSVP type
- add/edit and delete RSVP invitation
- support bulk sent invitation feature
- support selection of email or whatsapp on
invitation sending
- invitation tracking report per RSVP
- export invitation tracking report
- payment status listing per RSVP
- manual payment settling
- simple invitation page link to RSVP form
(responsive fit to mobile and desktop)

1 Payment System

- Payment processor registration service
- Payment gateway integration with VISA/Master

3 Language Support

- Invitation support English/Traditional Chinese and
Simplified Chinese

1 Check-in system

- Scan with android device with native QR code
scanner only
- support App on Android
- Support to scan using multiple devices at the same
- Show guest seat no on scan
- Real time statistics update

1 RSVP confirmation

- generate unique QR code
- send via Email with embedded html
- send via WhatsApp with text and image
- allow QR code be saved as JPG

1 RSVP invitation

- automatically sent invitation QR code on payment
- automatically sent invitation QR code on RSVP
submit (free RSVP type)
- mail gateway integration to ensure mail delivery
- Whatsapp gateway integration to ensure whatsapp
- Email sent with embedded html to RSVP form
- Whatsapp sent with image and text with links to
RSVP form
- Manual sharing of RSVP invitation short link with
short link api integration
- Whatsapp/Mail gateway and Short link registration

1 Hosting Service

- Hosting for development 4 months include nonworking
- Unmetered mitigation of volumetric DDoS
- Universal SSL/TLS 1.2 & 1.3 Encryption
- Globally load balanced content delivery network
- HTTP/2 and SPDY
- 2 vCPU, 8GB memory
- 40Gb Standard presistent disk
- 5 TB Data Transfer/Month

2 Android device

- Android UROVO i6310C or compatible device

1 Training

- onsite 4 hours training

1 Installation Fee

- Web server initial set up fee
- Database server initial set up fee
- Backup schedule setup fee
- Android device * 2 installation fee

Sub Total HKD$345,000.00
VAT HKD$0.00
Discount -HKD$10,000.00
Total HKD$335,000.00